Solar street lamp installation tips

2020-05-09 16:04 CROWNDA

Solar street lamp installation tips1. Basic installation method

In order to ensure that the capacity of the solar battery in a good degree of use, after the installation of the street lamp, to connect the controller but not connected to the load, after charging every day to connect the load, so as to ensure that the solar battery can be used for a long time in the future lighting.

2. Correct the Angle deviation of solar panels

In the installation process of multi-village solar street light, we should pay attention to the Angle of the solar panel. If the deviation will affect the charging of the solar street light, it will also affect the voltage of the solar panel, which will lead to a large error when the solar street light is turned on, so the azimuth of the solar panel should be adjusted when the street light is assembled.

3, the use of wire to compliance

That is, in the solar street lamp wiring, the installation should choose a good copper core wire installation, that is, to ensure the high quality of the wire. In use process, solar electrical conductivity themselves may cause problems in the work of engineering, solar street lamps that is solar energy street lamp current, voltage will appear in the process of power output loss, such conditions increases the power consumption of the solar street lamps, in extreme cases, can also lead to drive power supply solar street light itself won't work, Then cause the use of failure.

Oh was the focus of installing solar lights and wiring problems. When We got attention, we used solar lights for long periods of time and showed more socio-economic benefits.

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