LED Parking Lot Lights – Why Choose Parking Lot Lights?

2022-05-14 15:39

LED Parking Lot Lights – Why Choose Parking Lot Lights?LED Parking Lot Lights – Why Choose Parking Lot Lights?

LEDs have been highly effective for commercial use. This is why it has become common for parking lots to feature LED fixtures. In the following post, we learn what LED parking lot lights are why they are so effective.

What are LED Parking Lot Lights?

Parking lots are frequently built for large traffic commercial spaces. This may include schools, universities, real estate, municipality, etc. These days many parking lots are not just outdoors but separate indoor spaces that require lighting both during the day and night. Since Led parking lot lights for sale are the more eco-friendly, economic, and energy-efficient options for lighting, most commercial parking lots have upgraded to them.

Why Choose LED Parking Lot Lights?
Here is why your parking lot needs LEDs:
Safety for Employees and Customers
Modern LEDs are designed to have low glare and other safety features. These provide high convenience for all those who frequent a building. Both employees and customers will benefit from the good lighting in the parking lot.
Long Lasting
LEDs are highly long lasting in comparison to regular lighting. A single LED Corn bulb can pride 100,000 hours of light, which is 15 times more than traditional lighting options.
Low Maintenance
With LEDs, one does not have to worry about frequent maintenance during its lifespan. Most modern LEDs require no ballast or striker maintenance.
Brighter Light
The measure of brightness in LEDs can be determined by their number of lumens. LEDs use less wattage but can produce much brighter and quality light than regular lights. This helps provide the right amount of illumination for parking lots.
Lack of Toxins

LEDs contain no mercury or UV. The lack of toxic gasses makes it a much safer option in comparison to the use of traditional lighting like fluorescents and incandescents.

How to get the most out of LED Parking Lot Lights?
Most commercial settings like streets and parking lots use metal halide or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. When upgrading to LEDs, the number of wattages and lumens can be confusing. Wattage being the electrical consumption and lumens being the measure of brightness, there is no solid method of conversion. If you are switching to LEDs in your parking lot, you can follow the examples below:
For replacing a 400-watt metal halide or HPS, use a 150-watt with 20,000 lumens LED
For replacing 1,000-watt metal halide or HPS, use a 300-watt with 40,000 lumens LED
For replacing a 1,500-watt metal halide or HPS, use a 450-watt with 60,000 lumens LED

For a more professional and relevant opinion, you can consult a lighting expert when upgrading to LEDs from traditional lighting.

Things to Consider when Buying Parking Lot LEDs
Parking lot LEDs feature a variety of aspects that make them effective for commercial use. While some features are standard, others are optional. If you are about to buy parking lot lights for sale, you should definitely consider the following factors:
Beam Angles
Beam angles are the measure at which the light is distributed across a space from the LED. The industry classifies the beam angles from type 1 to type 5; also known as T1 to T5. The standard for parking lots is T3, which has a beam angle of about 150x90 degrees.
Effective for walkways, paths, and sidewalks and has a preferred lateral width of 15 degrees.
Effective for wider walkways, ramps, narrower but longer paths, and entrance roads and has a preferred lateral width of 25 degrees.
Effective for roads, parking areas, and for covering larger areas requiring illumination and has a preferred lateral width of 4 degrees.
Produces a semicircular light, which is effective for sides of building and walls. It as a preferred lateral width of 60 degrees.

Produces a circular distribution and features the same intensity at all angles.

Lumens and Watts

As mentioned above, the number of lumens determines the brightness of the light while the wattage confirms the amount of electricity utilized. There is no straightforward method of converting wattage to lumens so it is hard to determine exactly how many lumens will match a certain wattage of regular light. It is suggested to consider lumens more than wattage when buying LEDs. For the conversion, it is recommended to consult a lighting engineer.

Housing Color

The standard housing color for LEDs in parking lots is black. However, brown can also be used. At Rugged Grade Lightning, both colors are available.

The following mounting options can be considered for LED parking lot lights:
Slip Fit
Slides over a round 2 3/8 inch tube. A slip fit mount makes the LEDs adjustable in a parking lot. Mounted to the walls, the extension can be angled in any direction the light is required.
Direct Arm Mount
This can be fitted to a light pole directly. Connect with bolt from the inside. A round pole may have adapters as well. They frequently come pre-drilled to be compatible with the bolt pattern of the mount.
Yoke Mount
A yoke is a bracket that can be attached to an LED fixture.
Flood Mount

It is similar to yoke mounting.

Motion Sensors needed?
Motion sensors are added to many advanced versions of LED parking lot lights. The motion sensors may come in a wide variety but the basic function is the same. They are all designed to allow automatic activation of the lights. Motions sensors could be active or passive. Active sensors are the ones used in our Parking lot pole lights and are microwave based.
Whether you need the motion sensor-activated LED parking lights or not depends on the extent of convenience required for the area. In general, they can be quite useful but this feature is optional if the parking lot can function efficiently even without them. In california Title 24 requires them on major retrofits for lights above 26ft.
If you are planning to switch your parking lot to LEDs, then buy high-quality and well-designed lights from Rugged Grade. All LEDs are available at market-competitive rates that last a long time; offering the right value for the money spent. USA-bases support is also available for the LED parking lot lights. Meet your professional and social responsibility by upgrading to LEDs.

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