How to know the quality of solar light?

2022-05-27 15:27

9.jpgA lot of people like to buy solar energy light now, in the garden yard that puts in oneself, neither charge electricity, installation rises very convenient also, do not need wiring, install a few screws to fix good. However, there are a variety of solar light on the market, some look exactly the same, but the price is very different, why? How do we know if solar lamps are good or bad? In my opinion, there are probably three aspects that determine the quality of solar lamps:

A: The size of the photovoltaic panel is about the power of the photovoltaic panel. It is equal to the efficiency of the photovoltaic panel multiplied by the area of the photovoltaic panel. That is to say, the size of the photovoltaic panel is only one aspect, the efficiency is not high, or the silicon chip has dead chip is meaningless. At present, the efficiency of photovoltaic panels in the market ranges from 120W to 180W/ square. Some manufacturers choose B-product silicon wafer packaging, which is inefficient. Although photovoltaic panels look very large, the actual output is not high.

B: storage capacity, the only indicator of storage capacity is the battery, this is also the industry water deepest place, because the appearance is the same, the capacity is completely different, ordinary consumers can not test the capacity of the battery, on the current use of solar lamps and lanterns for the battery, the decision is roughly divided into the following points:

1. The actual capacity of the capacitor, maybe the battery you see, such as the 32650 logo, is 5AH, but from the market spot check results, the actual capacity is 3Ah-5ah, shoddy mostly can not reach the theoretical design effect, which is why many lights will not light after two or three hours. Or charging three or four hours is full of reason, that is insufficient capacity

2. Resistance resistance, the solar cell is composed of multiple batteries battery pack, is usually composed by parallel between resistance, this time, if the battery internal resistance between different, will form the inner loop, consumption capacity, it is lead to insufficient output, but the serious influence the life of the battery, that is to say, it is a good battery, if not strictly points for the assembly, It will also result in "three monks without water".

3. Battery protection, in order to save costs, many solar lamp batteries are not equipped with a protective plate to protect the charge and discharge, which is extremely easy to overcharge or overrelease, and finally the battery enters a dead state, unable to work, which is also an important reason why many lights can not be charged in a long time.

C: waterproof structure technology of lamps and lanterns

Solar lamps and lanterns, after all, is a kind of outdoor lamps and lanterns, in the environment of the weathered, the waterproof and moistureproof process of lamps and lanterns is very important, in terms of current solar lamps and lanterns manufacturer, uneven, many factory do not have outdoor lamps and lanterns of production experience, production and production capacity, not to waterproof, it is easier for rain water, lead to the inside of the components to fail, it is more important when moistureproof, Many manufacturers do not care, must not know, humid environment, components will rust, or outdoor mosquitoes into the hands, secrete substances in the inside, direct corrosion control board or PCB, and eventually lead to lamps can not work properly.

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